"Pocket Dial" 911 Calls Tying Up Police Resources


Check those settings on your phone so you aren't tying up valuable police resources.

That's the message about unintentional 911 calls, which have become a major problem in the Ottawa Valley. 

Renfrew OPP responded to 33 accidental or “pocketdial” 911 calls last week alone. 

It’s a big strain on police resources since every such call has to be investigated in case it’s a true emergency, sometimes as a two-officer response.  

Police are asking everyone to check the features on their phones such as the keypad lock or autodial 911 feature to ensure they’re set in a way to prevent  unintentional 911 calls.

From the Renfrew OPP:

You can prevent pocket dials or unintentional 911 calls by:

• Using the keypad lock feature. Keypad locks, some of which can be programmed to activate automatically, prevent a mobile device from responding to keystrokes until the user unlocks the keypad using a short combination of key presses or password.

• Turning off the 911 autodial feature. Check the user manual or the manufacturer's website or call the service provider to determine whether your device has this feature and how to turn it off.

• Refraining from programming a wireless device to automatically or "speed dial" 911.