Trail Complaints Being Sent To Police


The popular "Algonquin Trail" along the old CP Rail bed is dealing with some growing pains.

Complaints have been coming in from the Petawawa area about speeding, and even full-sized vehicles being driven on the trail.

Petawawa Town Council received information about the complaints in a briefing from the Petawawa Police Services Board, contained in the minutes of a recent Community Policing Committee meeting.

The County of Renfrew's trail manager Jason Davis says it's important users respect the rules, and says they are reaching out to the OPP when complaints come in.

"We do contact the OPP, and they're well aware of the issues we're having along the trail", Davis told Pure Country 96.7.

"We have controlled access gates -- full-sized gates that block vehicles at certain intersections along the trail -- but not at every intersection", Davis explained.

Davis says as they open up more sections of the trail it's important people familiarize themselves with the rules such as restrictions on what types of vehicles are allowed on the trail, and the speed limit, which is 50 km/h in rural areas and 20 km/h in urban areas.  

"The biggest thing is safety", Davis said.

"The trail is a multi-use trail for cyclists, walkers, and ATVers, not for full-sized vehicles, strictly for safety", Davis added.

You can find a link explaining the trail rules on the Town of Petawawa's website:

The County has also posted the specific by-law governing the trail use here: