Upgrades To Address Frequent Power Outages In Pembroke Area

Hydro One says it’s taking new steps to reduce the number of electricity interruptions that plagued the Pembroke area earlier this year.

Over the winter, there were well over a dozen outages affecting a large number of customers, mostly in Pembroke and the surrounding area, within a two month period.

In addition to serving customers outside of Pembroke, Hydro One also feeds Pembroke's local utility, Ottawa River Power Corporation, with the city's electricity supply.

“We understand there have been numerous outages affecting the Pembroke region over the past few months and we remain committed to working with Ottawa River Power Corporation on solutions to better improve reliability and minimize momentary outages", Hydro One spokesperson Richard Francella told Pure Country 96.7.

Hydro One tells us over the course of this year, they’ll be upgrading the transmission line that feeds their Pembroke transmission station from the Des Joachims Transmission station near Rolphton. 

They’ll also be upgrading critical equipment at the Chenaux Transmission station that’s nearing the end of its life.

Francella says they’ve also carried out extra inspections this spring along distribution lines and have developed a new plan for staff to respond to outages more quickly during the upcoming upgrades.

“During the renewal of existing facilities, there may be times during the project’s execution where the system is more fragile than normal.   Should an outage occur, there are clear communication and contingency plans in place to allow crews to do everything they can to restore power as quickly as possible", he said.

He notes that some of the infrastructure being replaced was built over 60 years ago.

“Much of Hydro One’s transmission system was built in the 1950s. Hydro One is making investments in our transmission equipment in the Pembroke area to maintain reliability and offset far more costly repair, maintenance and emergency work in the future.”