Little Free Library in Regina Burnt... But there's Good News!


Monday morning Martin and Darlene were woken at around 4 am to their Little Free Library on McCarthy Boulevard on fire. 

It's been a staple in the neighbourhood, offering books for all ages and a community bulletin board.

The couple was lucky to have a neighbour go and grab a hose to try and minimize the damage before firefighters showed up. 

Darlene says they promise to rebuild. The community has come together offering books for the library. It wasn’t long after the fire that their son Richard created a GoFundMe in hopes of replacing the burnt structure.

And that’s when Regina showed up. In LESS THAN 24 HOURS, the goal for the GoFundMe of 15 hundred dollars to fix the Little Free Library has been met and then some. 

That’s some good ol’ Canadian love right there.