Just ahead of the Canada Day long weekend, a Saskatoon man may have committed the most Canadian act ever: buying a full-sized canoe with a briefcase full of Canadian Tire money.Tomas Terfloth, who bought the canoe using the retailer's loyalty money on Thursday, says his now-realized goal started out as a joke on social media roughly three years ago. Once word of the endeavour started to spread, he started to receive donations of Canadian Tire money from both friends and strangers.Terfloth said he only raised about $150 in Canadian Tire money himself, but after his birthday, the goal went from "not very close to finished sort of overnight.Linda Smith was the Canadian Tire cashier tasked with counting and ringing through Terfloth's $777 canoe on Thursday.Her jaw literally dropped when Terfloth opened up the briefcase. With assistance from a few other employees, she quickly made her way through the stacks of currency and stopped just short of $1,000 at $941.Asked why he was buying a canoe, he said the reason was simple: he needed a new canoe.

Morgan Modjeski/CBC