Release of Dangerous Offender into the Community - Michael Tomasik

Michael Tomasik

The Greater Sudbury Police Service is issuing the following information and warning in the interest of public safety:

The Greater Sudbury Police Service (GSPS) is working in partnership with the local parole office to ensure the successful reintegration of an offender into the community after serving a sentence for various offences pertaining to children and use of the internet.

39-year old, Michael James Tomasik, will remain under the supervision of the local federal parole office and the Police. He is subject to conditions that prevent his access to young people and certain public places.

His day-to-day activities will be monitored and he must reside at a designated location having limited access to the community at large.

Michael Tomasik will be residing in the New Sudbury area.

He is described as White, approximately 6’2" tall, weighing around 275 lbs. with short grey hair.

GSPS recognizes public safety as a shared commitment and as such, community members are asked to report any concerning activity involving Michael Tomasik to Police at 705-675-9171 extension 6397. This would include seeing Michael Tomasik in the immediate company of young people or near any schools, parks, playgrounds, community centres, pools or daycare facilities.

GSPS assures the community that public safety is priority in this case. Our members, in cooperation with our partners at the local parole office, are taking the necessary steps to facilitate his reintegration.

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