Taylor-Anne & Raccoon Rescue

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Growing up my dad has always been incredibly passionate about animals, and taking in the ones that need it. As a child I remember him bringing home salamanders, taking care of a baby squirrel, feeding a whole nest of abandoned baby robins, and even bringing in a hurt pidgeon. But my dad’s dream had always been to be able to hold a baby raccoon, I’m pretty sure it was also my mother’s worst nightmare.

Well this year on father’s day that dream came true - when he heard cooing sounds from the roof. After a few minutes of investigating my dad came running into the green room with a blue bin and the biggest smile we had ever seen. He had found two baby raccoons.

After making some calls and doing some research (and spending a few hours convincing my dad that he could not keep them) we put them back near where we found them in the hopes that during the night their mom would return for them.

Their mom never came, and our neighbor told us the next day that they had seen the raccoon we assumed to be their mom a bit down the street where it had been sadly hit.

A few hours later we found three more in the roof, and spent that whole day trying to get to them all so he could bring them to all the rescue together.  That day we called the rescue and found out what to feed them in the meantime (after my dad tried unsuccessfully to feed them popcorn chicken – shocker they didn't want that) and were told that they were still young enough to need to be bottle fed. So we stocked up on kitten formula and got to feeding. 

The next day we found the fifth one, who had actually fallen out of the roof and after calming down the little girl we fed her and settled on the names.

Meet the babies! Rocky, Creed, Wyatt, Doc, and Ringo.

Now that we had all five of them we were ready to take them to the rescue, only to find out that the rescue could not actually take in any more raccoons. So, my very pleased father took them back home.

While we waited for the rescue to be ready for them we took care of them. This meant bottle feeding, bathing (they stink), weening them onto real food (they loved melon), and even playing with them and giving snuggles to Wyatt (My favourite one). Turns out taking care of five baby raccoons was much harder than we thought! And as they got older they needed more and more time to climb and play, which meant feeding time no longer took fifteen minutes. Now it was an hour and a half long event.

The rescue came and got the raccoons not long after they all started eating real food and they will be released once they are old enough to make it on their own.  

Remember, if you find a hurt animal or abandoned baby animals…

Don’t touch them unless you are 100% sure their mother is gone, always call authorities right away, and no matter how cute they are…don’t keep them as pets!

So that was my story, of the time we rescued five baby raccoons and took care of them until they could be taken in by a rescue. It was crazy, and sometimes annoying but I can tell you that it was amazing experience that has really inspired me to get more involved with wildlife rescue!

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