UPDATE: Man Charged for Attempt Murder After Attack Outside Michael's


Just before 4 p.m., on Monday, June 3, Police received multiple calls regarding a possible stabbing outside of Michael’s on Marcus Drive in Greater Sudbury.

The information provided was that there were multiple people injured, that a community member had intervened and was holding down the man responsible. The community member had managed to remove the knife from the man’s possession.

Moments later Uniform Patrol Officers and members of the Tactical and K9 Units arrived, securing the scene and taking the man into custody.

A 35-year old woman and her nine month old child were transported to the hospital by Paramedics. The woman sustained a stab wound to her neck and she remains in critical condition. The child sustained multiple bruises as a result of being struck while the knife was still in the man’s hand.

The 25-year old man responsible for the attack was transported to hospital while in Police custody where he was treated for self-inflicted wounds.

This was a random and vicious attack as the individuals did not know each other.

25 year old, Alexander Stavropoulos has been charged with the following:

-Attempt Murder X 2

-Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose X 2

-Breach of Probation


A Sudbury man is in custody after a stabbing which happened in the middle of a parking lot Monday afternoon...
Sudbury Police say the incident happened near Michaels by Marcus Drive, and it involved a woman who was carrying a baby...

Officers say that a man with a knife attacked people and was eventually held down by members of the public who had intervened and disarmed the man. 

The attacker was taken to Hospital with self-inflicted injuries...

Meanwhile, the woman and child were also taken to Hospital with unknown injuries. 

According to CTV News, Police say it's not known yet if the suspect and victims knew eachother.   

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