Mornings with Amy and Coop

CICS Amy and Coop


Hey there!  

I'm Coop from KICX Country Mornings!  

Beautiful Muskoka (Huntsville, ON.) is where I grew up...I went to Canadore College in North Bay, and got my first-ever radio job in that city as well (2010).  Since moving to Sudbury (2013), I've fallen in love with the area, and Northern Ontario as a whole!  

My wife & I have 2 kids & an orange tabby cat named Elliot.  


A Few Fun Facts:

-Formally the voice of the Sudbury Wolves, but I still do play-by-play for the team at the Sudbury Arena

-Die-hard Leafs fan

-I DESPISE pickles

-I can't grow a beard

-I've never broken a bone

-My perfect meal:  Homemade BBQ'd burgers & Caesar salad

-I have an obsession with ice cream 

-My family & I attend Lansing Baptist Church 

-All of my Dad's family live in Holland

-Secret talent: Beat-boxing

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