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Today's Question

Name one of the two lead actors that were in the movie Dirty Dancing:


What is the capital of South Korea?


Which artist headlined Roger's Arena last night?


Name 1 of the countries in Tex-Mex cuisine?


The Hellavator is a ride at the PNE that goes vertically or horizontally?


Drops of Jupiter and Drive By are songs by?


Ryan Reynolds has a movie coming out tonight, true or false?


What is the main alcohol used to make a cosmopolitan?


Pantalon is the French word for what?


The clothing company Roots was founded in what year 1973 or 1993?


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Today's Answers!

1.  Patrick Swayze or Jennifer Grey

2.  Seoul

3.  Tom Petty

4.  United States/Mexico

5.  Vertical

6.  Train

7.  Hitman's Bodyguard

8.  Vodka

9.  Pants

10. 1973