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Today's Questions


1. Which city was the hottest in the province this weekend, breaking records: Lytton, Chilliwack or Victoria?

2. Belle is the Disney princess of what movie?

3. The song "Locked Away" by R.City also features what other singer?

4. If you're driving on Main Street from 12th to 20th Ave, what direction are you heading?

5. What is the square root of 100?

6. Name one of Homer Simpson's daughters.

7. Twenty years ago today, the first Harry Potter book was released. Who wrote it?

8. What BC Casino has a Canada line station attached to it?

9. What famous designer is known for the perfume No. 5?

10. Today is Derek Jeter's birthday. Name the only Major League Baseball team he ever played for.

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Today's Answers!

1. Lytton - 36.5 C

2. Beauty and the Beast

3. Adam Levine

4. South

5. 10

6. Maggie or Lisa

7. JK Rowling

8. The River Rock

9. Chanel

10. New York Yankees