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Be Caller 25 and answer up to 10 questions to win cash! For every question you get right you win $10, but if you answer all 10 questions correctly you win $1,000!


Today's Questions

  1. Benylin is a product for what?
  2. Today is Jose Bautista’s birthday – what baseball team did he play for this year?
  3. Jennifer Lopez played the character Mary Fiore in what movie: Maid in Manhattan or The Wedding Planner?
  4. Tonight is the opening night for Kurious… a theatre production by which company?
  5. What is 88 divided by 8?
  6. Capilano University has two campuses – name one of the locations.  
  7. Azure and Cerulean are shades of what color?
  8. True or false – Kelly Ripa’s husband (Mark Consuelos) has a role on the TV show Riverdale?
  9. Orthotics are designed for what part of your body?
  10. Finish the name of this Adele song: Water Under _________?


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Today's Answers!

1.  Cough, cold, flu relief

2.  Toronto Blue Jays

3.  The Wedding Planner

4.  Cirque De Soleil

5.  11

6.  North Vancouver, Sunshine Coast/Sechelt

7.  Blue

8.  True - he plays Veronica's father

9.  Feet (helps with flat feet or high arc feet)

10. The Bridge