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Finish the name of this type of workout:  High Intensity __________  Training  

Young Sheldon returns tonight – it’s a spin-off of what other popular sitcom?  

Which PGA golfer just won his first tournament in 5 years?  

What country is the original home of Oktoberfest? 

Which is longer 80 seconds or a minute and a half?  

True or False – Jennifer Hudson will be back as a judge on The Voice.   

Dancing in the Dark, Glory Days, Born to Run are all songs by what legendary rocker?  

What’s the capital city of Utah?  

Has Grey’s Anatomy been on the air for more than 10 years? 

Morels are types of what?  




1. Interval

2. The Big Bang Theory 

3. Tiger Woods

4. Germany

5. A minute and a half

6. True 

7. Bruce Springsteen 

8. Salt Lake City 

9. Yes (15th season starts this week) 

10. Mushroom