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The Uncle Fester Corpse Flower is at what Vancouver park? 

Today is David Hasslehoff’s birthday – in which TV series does he play Michael Knight? 

Its national tattoo day – which Canadian has more tattoos Shawn Mendes or Drake?

What is 11 TIMES 4? 

Which professional sport is having their All Star Game tonight?

What type of animal is a Ragdoll? 

What country did Pesto come from? 

What kind of products does the company Trail sell?

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are all places in what European nation? 

Nevermind was the best-selling grunge album of the 90’s – who was the band?  


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Today's Answers!

  1. Queen Elizabeth Park 
  2. Knight Rider 
  3. Drake 
  4. 44
  5. Baseball (MLB) 
  6. Cat 
  7. Italy 
  8. Appliances, kitchen items etc. 
  9. Netherlands 
  10. Nirvana