Nat & Drew's $1000 Minute

Play The Nat & Drew $1,000 Minute every day at 7:35am during The Nat & Drew Show!

Be Caller 25 and answer up to 10 questions to win cash! For every question you get right you win $10, but if you answer all 10 questions correctly you win $1,000!



Finish this old school breakfast cereal slogan: I’m cuckoo for____________.



Which BC lake connects Vernon, Penticton and Kelowna to one another? 


Name the other person on this American Idol judges panel: Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and ________ ? 


Is the official language of Monaco – French or Spanish? 


In the comics, what day of the week does Garfield the cat hate the most? 


What alcohol is used in making a martini? 


How many S’s are in the word MISTRESS? 


True or false – Bruno Mars will be one of the features on Ed Sheeran’s next album? 


Patek Philippe is a luxury brand of what? 


What is the world’s largest bird? 



  1. Cocoa Puffs 
  2. Okanogon Lake 
  3. Paula Abdul 
  4. French 
  5. Mondays 
  6. Gin 
  7. 3
  8. True 
  9. Watches  
  10. Ostrich 

Carol played the $1,000 Minute this morning and we did not expect her answer for question 10.