Paul McCartney

  1. When was Paul McCartney born? June 18, 1942
  2. How old was Paul McCartney when he first met John Lennon? 15
  3. Which Beach Boys track features the sound of Paul McCartney eating celery as percussion? “Vegetables”
  4. What is the make of Paul McCartney’s Violin shaped Bass? Hofner
  5. What decade is the hit single “Band On The Run” by Paul McCartney & the Wings from? Seventies
  6. Where did Paul McCartney meet the future Beatle, George Harrison? On the school bus
  7. Who did Paul co-write his 1989 hit “My Brave Face” with?Elvis Costello
  8.  What activity does Paul McCartney enjoy doing on the side? Painting
  9. Where did Paul McCartney play his 3,000th concert? St. Petersburg, Russia
  10. What is Paul McCartney’s given first name? James