Film Review of Wild Nights With Emily (2019)

Wild Nights With Emily (2019) is an intimate look at the personal affairs of classical poet Emily Dickinson. Written and directed by Madeleine Olnek, the screenplay is based upon the private correspondence between Emily and her dear friend and sister in law Susan. The relationship between these two women, portrayed by Molly Shannon and Susan Ziegler, is seen as a flashback and narrated by Mabel, an acquaintance of the Dickinson family with a devious motive of her own. The film frequently breaks the fourth wall with several characters addressing the camera and breaking into song, which for me, kinda takes you out of the fantasy of the story taking place in the mid-19th century.  

The performances by Shannon and Ziegler are heartwarming and endearing and overall it is a sweet story of one of America’s well known poets. Considered to be “a timely critique of how women’s history is written”, Wild Nights With Emily gives you a glimpse into how Emily Dickinson lived and loved in her life. If you enjoyed the film The Favourite (2018) and other stories retelling the lives of famous historical figures then you'll quite enjoy this film!


Wild Nights With Emily opens in Vancouver on June 7.

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Wild Nights with Emily (Trailer) from filmswelike on Vimeo.