The Nat & Drew Show

Start your weekday mornings off with loads of music, great laughs and fabulous prizes! Joining Nat and Drew and longtime show member Erin Davis and Producer Joey. All four will keep you informed of the latest news and celebrity gossip with “The Sleaze” and keep you entertained and test your trivia knowledge with the “$1,000 Minute”.

  • Who Sang It Better?

    Things got a little weird this morning as Nat, Drew & Erin start singing along to Alicia Keys

  • Binge Watch

    Was the very first show you binged watched online? Was it the same as Erin?

  • Would You Rather Chocolate or THIS?

    Drew gave us some last minute gift ideas for Velentine's Day. We didn't love all of them...

  • That's Not My Name!

    Do you correct someone when they call you by the wrong name? Producer Joey has been with us for two months but our company is large and sometimes people mess up his name, which makes for an awkward conversation