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Start your weekday mornings off with loads of music, great laughs and fabulous prizes! Joining Nat and Drew and longtime show member Erin Davis and Producer Joey. All four will keep you informed of the latest news and celebrity gossip with “The Sleaze” and keep you entertained and test your trivia knowledge with the “$1,000 Minute”.

  • Career Day Follow Up

    Producer Joey spoke at a high school career day on Friday. Find out how it went! Did anyone show up?

  • Career Day

    Producer Joey didn't realize it was the last day before spring break when he went to speak at a high school career day today. We didn't think anyone would even show up.

  • Work Fridge

    A woman kept getting her lunch stolen at work so they installed cameras to catch the culprit. Listen to some of the terrible answers we had trying to guess who it was.

  • Hiding Debt

    Hiding debt from your partner could lead to divorce! Not the case with Nat apparently...

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