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Start your weekday mornings off with loads of music, great laughs and fabulous prizes! Joining Nat and Drew and longtime show members Erin Davis and Producer Scooter. All four will keep you informed of the latest news and celebrity gossip with “The Sleaze” and keep you entertained and test your trivia knowledge with the “$1,000 Minute”.

Entertainment News & Celebrity Gossip

  • Michael Phelps is about to race a shark but is more scared of?

    The Sleaze: July 21
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z hire 18 personal employees for their twins

    The Sleaze: July 20
  • So, which one of Beyonce's twins was born first?

    The Sleaze: July 19
  • Who is Oprah's new best friend?

    The Sleaze: July 18