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  • Easiest Arrest Ever!

    So your great plan is to rob the local Costco, but for some reason the police is waiting for you outside. You can bet these cops never made such an easy arrest.
  • Mumble Rap for Dummies

    These two guys are at it again. This time, they compose a "great" mumble rap song.
  • Miami Bridge Collapse Caught on Dashcam

    Here's what it looked like from inside a car when the pedestrian bridge collapsed in Miami.
  • Russian Safety Standards

    These men ought to be more cautious doing their job. That being said, let's just say that the security measures seem to be rather inadequate. DISTURBING CONTENT
  • Floored by a Camera

    This guy greatly underestimates the view angle of this camera. It's pretty funny watching him go!
  • Slacklining over a Canyon

    Here's a bunch of people doing things no one should ever do. This video might make you really nervous!
  • United Airlines Is Back At It!

    United's back at it. We remember them for beating up a doctor who paid for his seat. Now, it's sticking dogs in overhead compartments. What's wrong with those guys?
  • Fantastic Trailers for Fantastic Beasts

    Here's the trailer for Harry... I mean... Fantastic Beasts! It's not because the Harry Potter movies are done that we can't get that itch scratched!
  • Student Walkouts in the US

    Today in the US, there were student walkouts all across the country to protest gun violence. Here's the info about what's going on!
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