Valentine's Day: 10 Country Songs About Love

This Valentine’s Day you can say it with flowers, chocolate, jewelry, or dinner at a fancy restaurant. Or, you can say it with the gift of music.

Nothing let’s you express feelings or set the mood quite like a finely-crafted playlist. So whether you’re driving her to dinner in your pick-up or kicking off your boots with him at home, make sure you’ve got the perfect soundtrack.

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You can go with the sensual (Alan Jackson’s “I’ll Go On Loving You”), the reflective (Garth Brooks’ “The Dance”), or the direct (Conway Twitty’s “I’d Love To Lay You Down”).

Here are 10 songs that will put a little twang in your Valentine:

  • I'm how old??

    This man can't believe he's actually 98 years old. His reaction is priceless! Warning: he drops a few F bombs in there!
  • ABSOLUT - The Vodka With Nothing To Hide

    ABSOLUT vodka has nothing to hide. Absolutely NOTHING to hide. Do not watch if the sight of naked people offends you!
  • What's that in the box?

    You know how some people are just bad liars? This kid is up there on that list! His mom is having none of it!