1.2 Million Sandbags & 357 Troops: Flood Response Continues

Some new numbers give us a sense of the scope of the response to this year's devastating flooding in Renfrew County.

County officials say as of Thursday morning, more than 1.2 million sand bags have been distributed across the affected flood zones. 

The County also says a total of 357 troops are now deployed in areas hit hard by the high water .. continuing to help fill and lay sand bags, and check on people whose homes are cut off by floodwaters.

And of course, over and above those numbers, are the thousands of volunteers who have been working tirelessly to help with the flood response efforts on a variety of fronts.

“Thank you to all of the volunteers and military personnel for their sand bagging efforts!”, reads a tweet from the County of Renfrew on Wednesday morning.

The #RenfrewCountyStrong has been prominent in many social media posts lately, to describe the ongoing battle and as a tribute to neighbours helping neighbours during this difficult time.