About Those Power Outages In Pembroke ...

The high number of brief power outages in Pembroke this year, including the latest one on Monday morning, have been caused by problems outside the city.  

Ottawa River Power Corporation interim President Justin Allen says momentary “losses of supply” from Hydro One, which feeds Pembroke with its electricity, have been triggering the brief outages in order to protect the system.

"We have been experiencing some losses of supply from the provincial grid, which is controlled by Hydro One", Allen told Star 96.7.

"These losses are due to issues with the 44 kV system that comes in from the Sandy Beach Road substation to our stations here", Allen said.

Allen acknowledges it's frustrating, but says the brief outages are happening to ensure there isn't more lasting damage to the system.

“We can certainly appreciate where people are coming from on the loss of supply.  But one thing to consider is that the system is operating as it was engineered to do, which is to interrupt power momentarily when a fault is detected, to prevent damage to important equipment.  So this prevents a prolonged outage due to damage that can arise from these incidents on the grid", Allen said.

As for the individual causes of each supply interruption, Allen says they can range from adverse weather conditions, to tree and animal contact with lines, or component failures.

Some Hydro One customers also experience brief outages when the Pembroke supply line is interrupted, depending on how the supply to their home is fed.

However, Pembroke only has two "pipelines" carrying electricity into the city - one from Hydro One in the Sandy Beach Road area and another from a dam in Waltham, Quebec.

Ottawa River Power Corporation has been in contact with officials at both Hydro One, and at the dam in Waltham Quebec, which also feeds the city electricity, to ensure there are no bigger problems to be concerned with.