Allumettes Island & Chichester: High Water Hardships

Just across the river from Pembroke, there is devastation across parts of Allumettes Island. 

Some homes are surrounded by water that’s waist deep, and in a few cases, almost shoulder deep. 

Pontiac West Fire Chief Glen Fleury says it’s an emotional experience to watch your neighbours and friends lose so much.

"A lot of people are losing their homes, their belongings, probably not insured, and they'll have to face reality and it's going to cost everyobdy a lot of money", Fleury told CTV's Joel Haslam, while holding back tears.

Chichester resident Suzanne Gagnon is one of many exhausted residents who have been trying relentlessly to save what they can.

"We got all our furniture out of the house so we could save it, but right now we're at the mercy of the guy up above", Gagnon said.

There are predictions the water in the Pembroke and Allumettes Island area could go up again, with the latest forecast calling for the river to peak sometime Monday.

"If we could only just get a few hours of good sleep, solid sleep.  That's what we need", Gagnon added.

"Sunshine -- that would be good too".