Bringing Those Snowbanks Down To Size

Those massive snowbanks that have built up around the city of Pembroke are slowly but surely being scaled back.  

City of Pembroke crews have been removing snow over the past few days from the downtown and the west end, and from Boundary Road and some of its adjoining neighborhoods.   

Today they’re finishing up Mary Street, Trafalgar Road, and starting to tackle the east end too.   

Roads supervisor Chris Mantha says they’ve been busy, and people in the east end can expect to see snow removal along several key streets today and early next week.

"We've got a lot done, but there's a lot more to do", Mantha told Star 96.7.

"We're coming across the bridge and starting into the east end today, and continuing that into next week", he added.

Environment Canada says Pembroke has already received over 50% more snow than we usually get by this point in the average winter.