Carbon Tax: Gas Prices, Groceries & Travel Costs Jump Today

The new price of controlling pollution will hit Ontarians today.

The Trudeau government's new carbon tax kicks in today for the provinces with governments that refused to impose their own carbon emissions pricing.

That’s another 4.4 cents a litre for gasoline here in Ontario.

The tax will also increase the cost of natural gas, some groceries and airline travel as well. 

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna reminded people on CTV’s Question Period that Ontarians will be offered a rebate at tax time.

"Get excited about doing your taxes, because you'll get your climate action incentive rebate in Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan when you file your taxes", McKenna said.

However, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has already jumping onto the carbon tax as an election issue, promising to scrap it if his party forms government this fall.

"My first act as Prime Minister will be to scrap the Trudeau carbon tax, and let families get ahead", Scheer said on the weekend.

Today’s increase is the first jump for gas prices for the carbon tax; they're supposed to jump a total of about 12 cents per litre by 2022.

Ontario and Saskatchewan are fighting the tax in court.