Cathedral school will welcome students back in the New Year

Students of the RCCDSB’s Cathedral School will return to a renewed building when they start back to school after the holidays on January 9.

They have been attending Holy Name School since late October when a fire in the roof top air exchange unit caused smoke and soot damage throughout the building.

Over the past two months, the school has had a thorough professional cleaning and restoration. All classrooms and hallways have had ceiling tiles replaced and a fresh coat of paint including doors and trim, and floors were stripped and waxed. New blinds and stage curtains are on order.

“We took the opportunity, while students were already moved out and workers were onsite, to refurbish the school from top to bottom, and we’re looking forward to welcoming students and staff back to a refreshed learning environment in 2017,” said Ian Byce, RCCDSB Assistant Plant Manager.

Additionally, all electronics and learning materials were cleaned and deodorized.

As of Monday, January 9, 2017, Cathedral students will revert to the September schedule with a 9:30 a.m. start time. Students who were formerly bussed to school will go back to the original bus schedule and all walkers to Cathedral will resume walking.

Regular Before and After Care services will also restart at Cathedral. All families who participate in the program are asked to drop off and pick up their children at Cathedral school beginning on January 9.

“Again, we’d like to express our thanks to everyone impacted by the event—students, parents, staff, and the Holy Name School community—and our appreciation to those who have worked so hard to restore a safe and welcoming learning environment at Cathedral,” said RCCDSB Chair Dave Howard