CNL Partners To Bring Rare Cancer Drug To Market

The way rare cancers are fought could soon be changing thanks to a partnership involving Canadian Nuclear Labroatories in Chalk River.  

CNL is working with Canadian physics lab Triumf to produce Actinium-225, an isotope it says has shown great promise in testing for treatment of rare cancers.

It says the product has been dubbed “one of the rarest drugs on earth”.  

CNL president and CEO Mark Lesinski says Triumf will create the isotopes first, then send them to Chalk River for the next step.

"Our part of the puzzle here would be our ability to do the separations, and create the material, then separate from the other material that's creating when this reaction occurs", he told Star 96.7 News.

"So we would then have the material that researchers could use in order for them to pursue the cures for different cancers using Actinium-225".

Known as targeted alpha therapy, the use of Actinium-225 or other alpha-emitting isotopes to battle cancer has garnered growing interest in the scientific community in recent years.

Lesinski adds that the work in Chalk River will build on the years of local expertise in this area.

"Many, many years of experience on how to deal with radioisotopes safely and the ability to do the separation and the chemistry behind that, and also the packaging and the handling", he said.

"So this is where we come in, we've gone through this, we've pioneered this technolgoy many years ago, and have that experience here with staff that understand exactly how to do that".