CNL Takes Part in Nuclear Response Exercise

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Radiological Assessment Team, recently took part in a large scale two day nuclear response exercise in New Brunswick.

The exercise called Synergy Challenge 2018 involved a thousand people from 35 agencies across Canada and was hosted by New Brunswick Power and New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization.

Jennifer Owens, Leader on the Radiological Assessment Team at CNL and Acting Radiation Production Leader from Chalk River, says they play a large role in cleanup and decontamination,

“We have portable vehicle monitors that can be set up in basically any location, we have personnel monitors so that people can walk through the monitors and detect if they have radiation on them, tents that we set up. A lot of this equipment can be set up in a half an hour so something that’s easily deployed. We also have a shower trailer that we can heat the water in and have people go through in the event that they are contaminated and decontaminate the personnel and send them on their way safely.”

Owens add’s that it is great for CNL to be invited to take part and recognized as a leader in their field. The exercise is held by New Brunswick Power every three years and CNL hopes to be invited back.