County of Renfrew Paramedics Services World Leaders in Pre-Hospital Care

State-of-the-Art Technology is helping the County of Renfrew Paramedic Services provide enhanced operations and patient care across this rural area. 

A Quebec company called Prehos, has developed a digital service that allows Paramedics to view a patients file while en route to them,  partnered with the County of Renfrew Paramedic Services last year because of the county's reputation worldwide as a leader and forerunner of emerging trends and best practices in the field. That partnership has been a win-win for both parties. 

Because of this new technology there has been a 40 percent increase in the Paramedic Services productivity and has shown the positive impact of this new technology.

Mike Nolan the Chief of the Paramedic Service for the County of Renfrew says the technology also allows them to work better remotely and dedicate more time to caring for patients. Nolan adds Prehos enables them to have the patient's electronic health record on hand and to securely collect data in real-time without the need for paper.