County of Renfrew to Absorb Costs of Defibrillator Maintenance at Community Affiliates

Renfrew County Council has decided to absorb the cost of maintaining 320 defibrillators throughout the County. 

Through the County's Public Access Defibrillator Program, the life saving devices were put in schools, hockey rinks, curling clubs and other community centres over the last few years. 

It was proposed during a recent Council meeting to charge the places with defibrillators $100 annually for maintenance of the machines by the Renfrew County Paramedic Services. 

Councillors felt that some places wouldn't be able to afford the costs and have decided to find the money somewhere in their budget. 

Mike Nolan, Chief of Paramedic Services, told Council it will be tough to do, coming in around 32 thousand dollars a year.