Crime Numbers In Petawawa

The number of property crimes reported to police are on the decline in Petawawa.  

A report from Upper Ottawa Valley OPP to town council on Monday night shows the number of break and enters reported to police in 2018 dropped by 50 per cent from the year before.

OPP detachment commander Inspector Stephan Neufeld says a specific street crime unit that was formed to tackle the once rampant problem has made big gains, and found the same groups of people were often responsible for multiple incidents.

“That is such a huge violation for a homeowner to come home and find your house broken into", Neufeld told reporters at Petawawa Town Hall on Monday night.

"I mean, ideally we’d like to catch all of them, the reality is we don’t, so the creation of this unit certainly made the street crime unit a priority to solve these property crimes and provide closure for these victims”.

Problem Areas

The report didn't highlight all good news, though.

Domestic violence calls were up by 15 per cent in 2018, from 144 to 164.

Calls about drugs or drug possession were up slightly, from 11 to 13.

Noise complaints more than doubled from 28 to 68.

There was also a nearly 25 per cent spike in seatbelt infractions, rising from 161 to 201.

False 911 calls were another problem, jumping by almost 50 per cent from 128 to 186.   Neufeld says these are a particular concern because they represent "unknown trouble", requiring two officers to attend and potentially tying up valuable resources.

Neufeld says the bottom line is that while Petawawa is a safe community, and they're always working on their response and approach, to make the best use of their resources to ensure it becomes even safer.

“Petawawa is an extremely safe place to live.  Going forward our priority remains public safety”, Insp. Neufeld said.

Also of note, calls to police about bear sightings doubled from 15 to 30.