Day Of Remembrance & Action

It’s a day of remembrance and action for victims of violence against women.

It was 29 years ago today when 14 women were killed at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique. 

This morning(Thursday), a vigil in Petawawa at the Women’s Monument on the Emerald Necklace Trail at 9:00 a.m. will remember those women and all women who’ve died at the hands of violence in Renfrew County. 

Organizing committee spokesperson Joanne Brooks says it’s important to keep the conversation going ... even in small ways.

"If we forget, their memories are not kept alive", Brooks told Star 96.7.

"And the situation with violence against women is lost.  We need to keep remembering and keep it at our forefront so that we can work to make a difference”.

Brooks says people should never underestimate how small actions can lead to positive change.

"Even one little thing is important: interrupting a sexist joke, calling someone out if they’re being inappropriate.  Those kinds of things do make a difference, and we’re noticing a shift and that’s really important”.

She says it's been encouraging to hear the issue become a more prominent part of the social conversation.

""The conversations have changed and more people are participating in them.  Men are coming forward as allies in ways we haven’t seen before.  Women who have stories that were buried many many years ago are coming forward to talk about their experiences.  I believe that is for the better good of humanity, and it’s making a real difference”.

The vigil gets underway at 9 this morning at Petawawa’s Emerald Necklace Trail.