Deep River Monitoring Rising River Levels

An increase in water flowing down the Ottawa from northern reservoirs now has Deep River trying to stay ahead of flooding problems. 

The town is asking residents to limit their water and sewage use when possible to reduce pressure on their wastewater treatment plant, which discharges into the Ottawa River.  

Emergency Management Coordinator Simon Tomlinson says they’re also keeping a close eye out on a few key properties around town.

"We're typically very lucky in Deep River", Tomlinson told Star 96.7.

"Most of our residences are unaffected by rising water levels.  We are, however, bracing for some impacts along some low-lying areas along the Ottawa River in the east and west ends of town.  We have our public works, fire and police departments patrolling the areas and monitoring those water levels very closely", he added. 

The town does not anticipate any major problems but says residents can play a key role in keeping it that way.

"Anything residents can do, such as taking shorter showers and turning off faucets whenever possible, would be much appreciated", Tomlinson said.

The town says this will reduce pressure on the wastewater treatment plant, which uses a gravity-based system to discharge into the Ottawa River. 

The plant isn't at capacity, but the river has risen significantly in the last 24 hours, getting closer to the plant's point of outflow.

There is a backup plan should the river's level cause concerns about the outflow from the plant.

"There is a concern that if water levels continue to rise, operators, with MOE approval, must adjust the secondary treatment process. OCWA (Ontario Clean Water Agency) has obtained a temporary permit from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks should the adjustment be required", states a news release from the town.