Emergency Preparedness Week 2018

It's currently Emergency Preparedness Week and the Ontario Provincial Police are taking part in a Canada-wide initiative asking people and families, "Are you prepared". 

Renfrew OPP Constable Janice Sawbridge says families should discuss what to do if there is a disaster, not everyone will always be home when it happens…  

"Just even having a discussion with family members and having a plan on what to do. If the kids are at school and the disaster strikes; knowing who is responsible to collect them, or where family members are going to meet in the event that your home is no longer safe. Those types of things are things to think about and plan ahead for."

It's a good idea to keep 72 hours worth of non perishable food on hand like canned goods, and 2 litres of water per person per day, candles and a battery operated radio.