Emergency Repair of Petawawa bridge "going well" so far

They’re making progress in the effort to reopen the Petawawa Boulevard bridge.    

An emergency repair job is still underway to divert the raging river away from the critical bridge components and a gas line that feeds Garrison Petawawa.

Crews have finished dropping boulders and sand into the upstream side of the bridge to try to reduce the severe erosion along the river banks in that area.

"They feel comfortable that the protection they've put in place is going to work well", County of Renfrew Director of Public Works Lee Perkins told Star 96.7 on Wednesday morning.

Now, the focus is shifting to the downstream side of the bridge, where they're doing the same thing:  essentially dropping boulders and sand into the river to create a "cofferdam" to protect the gas line and other important infrastructure.

Once this emergency repair is done, and the county engineer signs off on it, the bridge will then be reopened, but there’s still no timeline for that. 

And even when it does reopen a more permanent fix can’t begin until water levels drop.  

"This is an emergency repair, so one the water recedes and our engineer and inspection crews get a better look at it, we should be able to do some more permanent repairs in the future", Perkins said.

In the meantime, traffic must still take an 11 km detour on the only other bridge which is Highway 17.