Former NAW Municipal Official Sentenced

A former North Algona Wilberforce township official has been sentenced to just over a year and a half in jail.  

Kathleen Thur, who is the township’s former clerk-treasurer, was convicted of forging a letter from her recent employers near Kirkland Lake, telling the court she could keep her job, despite being convicted of stealing more than 40 thousand dollars from the Rankin Recreation Centre back in 2015.  

In Pembroke court on Thursday afternoon, the judge called Thur’s actions a “calculated and planned fraud on the court”, saying Thur tried to manipulate the justice system. 

He also noted that Thur's crimes are rare, but serious, and noted that she's been in court before.

The judge said the sentence imposed must not only address the fact that Thur deliberately misled the court, but that her crimes also had a negative impact on others.

Thur was sentenced to 20 months in jail, with a 35 day credit for time she’s already served. 

She will also be on probation with conditions for 12 months after her release.

Crown Attorney Caitlyn Downing was asking for more time, but told Star 96.7 on the way out of the courtroom that she’s pleased with the outcome, and to see a conclusion in the case.

Thur’s Ottawa-based lawyer Marni Musterman, who was also in the Pembroke courtrom for the sentencing, told Star 96.7 that she had no comment on the sentence.