Halloween Safety

It’s ‘All Hallows Eve” and local OPP Detachments are encouraging everyone to be safe out trick-or-treating tonight.

Halloween always brings an influx of kids out on our streets and sidewalks this time of year and Renfrew OPP Constable, Janice Sawbridge says, if you are a driver it can be an extra stressful night…

"It can be a scary time for motorists out there, you want to be really careful especially if you are driving kids and they are in and out of your car constantly. Make sure they are getting out on the curb side, not into open traffic, as a motorist you want to reduce your speed that evening for sure. Watch for kids that forget they should cross at intersections and cross walks and they might dart out into the street. Be ready for anything.”

Some other things to keep in mind tonight are to encourage your kids not to eat their candy until you have had time to inspect it and make sure kids are visible in their costumes in the dark.