Hundreds Already Ticketed In Seat Belt Campaign

It's been the law for more than 40 years, but the rule about "buckling up" apparently still isn't clicking with some drivers.

The OPP's East Region has handed out more than 330 tickets for seat belt infractions since its annual fall seatbelt campaign began last week.

The campaign runs now until October 5th and Renfrew OPP Constable Janice Sawbridge says drivers should be aware of who they’re responsible for in the vehicle.

"Drivers are responsible to make sure that the passengers under the age of 16 are buckled in", she told Star 96.7 News.

"If they're not, then they don't get the ticket, the driver does.  Passengers who are adults starting at the age of 16, under the provincial offences act, are responsible for their own safety.  So if you are a passenger and you are, say, 18 years old, you get the ticket if you're not buckled in -- not the driver", Sawbridge explained.

Sawbridge says putting your seatbelt on should be second nature to you.

"I would just like to encourage people to always buckle up -- get into the habit of doing it and then you won't even have to think about it", Sawbridge said.