Increase In Shovelling Injuries & Emergencies

There have been more reports of weather-related injuries and medical emergencies this year involving people who are shovelling and roof clearing. 

Renfrew County Paramedic Chief Michael Nolan says they've had an increase in calls this year for people experiencing cardiac problems, including some heart attacks, as they were shovelling away the massive amount of snow we've been covered with.

"Heart attacks, and in some cases, full cardiac arrest -- we're seeing that more and more this winter than we have on average", Nolan told Star 96.7.

And, more recently, Nolan says roof clearing accidents have become another persistent problem, mostly because of the ice that’s formed beneath the heavy layer of snow on many roofs.

"Many of the roofs, as a result of the warming and thawnig cycles we've had, have a thin layer of ice over the shingles", Nolan said.

"We've responded to a number of people across the County who have slipped off their roof, and fallen 5, 10, or even 20 feet to the ground".

Paramedics are urging extreme caution to anyone clearing a roof off, including using roof rakes to clear as much snow near the edges of the roof as possible, from the ground.

"The density of the snow, the weight of the snow, continutes to mount", Nolan cautioned.

"We're recommending people use extreme care and caution should they choose to go up on their roof".