Jamie Bramburger Named Honourary Chair of United Way Fall Campaign

The United Way Fall Campaign is now underway in the Valley.

This year the Algonquin Colleges Manager of Community and Student Affairs, Jamie Bramburger, has been named Honourary Chair.

Bramburger says he’s always been a huge supporter of this charity…

“I’ave always been attracted to the fact that all of the dollars raised in the region go back into the region. So that’s one of the things that’s really spurred me to get involved as the honourary chair, which I’m delighted to be and very honoured. It’s not only about the money that is raised, but it’s about the teamwork and the collaboration that occurs within workplaces as people really rally around this great cause to support our community.”

A kickoff breakfast will be held soon at Garrison Petawawa to help launch the campaign.