John Yakabuski Says it's A New Day For Renfrew County's Forestry Industry, Following Cabinet Shuffle

John Yakabuski says it’s a new day for Renfrew County’s forestry industry.

The Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke MPP was named Ontario’s new Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry yesterday when Premier, Doug Ford, shuffled his circle of cabinet ministers.    He says it’s time the industry that helped build the Valley had a stronger ally at Queen’s Park – and says it’s time to reduce red tape and barriers …

“The previous government layered on regulations and red tape that made it more and more difficult for our forestry industry to compete.  Our forestry people are the best conservationists out there, because they make their living on those forests and they want to protect them, and ensure they’ll be there in a sustainable way for generations to come.  But the previous government made it hard for them to be competitive.  We don’t live in an isolated world anymore; we need to compete with other people out there”.

Yakabuski’s new role means he is no longer Transportation Minister, a file he’s been responsible for, for the past 4 months.  But Yakabuski promises that the ongoing fight to expand Highway 17 is something he will still push strongly for as the MPP for this riding, saying that being part of the party in power can still lead to progress on the long-standing issue.