Long Term Care Facility in Pembroke Faces Online Backlash Over Jersey Day

Marianhill Long Term Care Home in Pembroke is the focus of online back-lash over Jersey Day to support the victims of the Humboldt Hockey Team tragedy.

On Thursday people around the Country were encouraged to wear jerseys to work or school in support of the victims of the Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash last week in Saskatchewan. 

Several staff members of Marianhill Long Term Care Home in Pembroke claim they were not allowed to wear their jerseys to work and told to take them off. Some individuals online took exception to the claims. 

Linda Tracey the CEO of Marianhill says staff were encouraged to wear the Humboldt colours of green and gold instead of hockey jerseys, adding loose-fitting branded clothing does not meet their mandated dress code. The care of frail and elderly patients is the primary concern of the facility.

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