Long Weekend OPP Distracted Driving Blitz Underway

The OPP's Long Weekend Distracted Driving Blitz is already underway. 

Upper Ottawa Valley OPP Constable, Shawn Peever, says distracted driving covers a wide range of things…

“All forms of distracted driving behind the wheel can lead the driver to be following too closely, or making unsafe lane changes, or failing to obey traffic controls at intersections. So we are reminding drivers that using a cell phone or device capable of texting while driving can result in a fine of $490 dollars and three demerit points. Other forms of distraction behind the wheel can result in a charge of careless driving.

Putting on make-up, handing your kids things while they are in the back seat and even eating all count as distracted driving, which is the number one killer on our roadways.

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