Mental Health Awareness Week

People are being encouraged to focus on their Mental Health as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Star 96-7’s Ashley Thomson spoke with the Executive Director of the Robbie Dean Centre in Pembroke this week and says Mental Health affects every aspect of your life….

ASHLEY.. “The brain is an organ in the body that needs care and maintenance just like the rest of the body and Executive Director of the Robbie Dean Centre, Monique Yashinski says your mental health needs to be a top priority to keep yourself running well...

MONIQUE… “I mean, if a person doesn’t have mental well-being it’s very hard to be functional in your life. It’s hard to even just got to work or go to school. So it’s important that people realize that when you prioritize the different ways to feel good about yourself, that you need to prioritize you're mental well-being, because without mental well-being you cannot even be physically well.”

ASHLEY… “Monique has made it her purpose to help save the lives of others after the loss of her son to suicide because of a lack of services available to help him through his depression. I’m Ashley Thomson for the New Star 96 -7 “

 The Robbie Dean Centre offers around-the-clock counseling as well as Walk-in-Clinics for anyone looking for Mental Health support.