Military Members from Petawawa Headed to England to Perform Queens Guard

A contingent of the Royal Canadian Regiment is getting ready to perform the Queens Guard for the Queen of England!

Thursday the RCR Guard and The Royal Canadian Artillery Band performed their last dress rehearsal before departing for England.

Captain of the Guard, Major, Ben Lacey says this is a once in a lifetime experience to be going…

"It's a great honour, especially for Canadians, because it's so rare that we get to do this honour. The last time the Regiment provided a Queens Guard was in 2000, and so to be able to do it again 18 years later is once in a career, if not once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us."

Over 120 members of the RCR from Ontario, New Brunswick and Alberta are part of the group going to perform Duties for the Queen. They left late last night and they will be in London for 6 weeks.