Miller "Lite": Emergency Fix For "Risky" Street In Pembroke

You could call it the Miller “lite” project.  

A section of one of west end Pembroke’s most crumbling streets, which is literally crumbling apart before people's eyes, will get a band-aid fix this summer.  

City Council on Tuesday night approved an emergency fixup for Miller Street from Trafalgar Street to Dominion Street.

It will cost about $230,000, which is one third of what it would cost to do a longer stretch of Miller, and far less than the complete above and below-ground overhaul the street will need sometime in the next decade.

The money wasn't budgeted for this year, and will have to come from a reserve fund.

But after the harsh winter and early spring, the city has been inundated with complaints about countless potholes, pavement that's crumbled apart, and curbs and sidewalks that are disintegrating and causing drainage problems and tripping hazards.

"There are some serious risks to the travelling public on Miller Street.  It's an urgent fix that's needed", said Operations Manager Brian Lewis.

"Unfortunately, it's not exactly what we'd hope for - we'd like to do the underground infrastructure and not have to rip up asphalt again down the road, but it's an urgent fix that's needed, now", Lewis added.

New Pavement, New Sections of Curb & Sidewalk

The emergency repair, which is expected to begin late this summer, will include new pavement and sections of new curb and sidewalk.

The existing street surface will be removed, along with the worst portions of concrete curb and gutter.

"We'll be replacing those curbs that absolutely need to be replaced", Lewis said.

"If there are any that we can salvage, we'll try and do that so we can reduce the amount of budget required.  And because this is a quick fix, so to speak, we'll try and salvage as much as we can.  Sidewalk wise, we'll only address immediate "trip ledges".  The sidewalks will remain where they are, and we'll try to address those serious trip and fall hazards", Lewis added.