MNR Encourages Everyone to be Bear Aware/Wise

With school out and summer vacation season officially starting the Ministry of Natural Resources is out with Black Bear warnings. 

MNR is trying to promote being Bear Wise this summer, which includes, making noise when you move through heavily wooded areas, especially near streams. Sing, whistle or talking loudly will give bears a chance to avoid you and you will be less likely to surprise them. 

When out hiking and walking don't wear earphones, be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes open for signs of a bear; like claw marks on trees or bear droppings. Especially make sure dogs are leashed when walking. 

If you do spot a bear remain calm and do not run, climb a tree or swim. Slowly back away while keeping the bear in sight and wait for it to leave. If you are near a building or car take shelter. If you are close to being attacked use bear spray and fight back. Do not play dead.