More Pembroke Waterfront Development On The Horizon

Pembroke is opening the door to new development along the waterfront.

City Council agreed last night to invite visions from developers for two parcels of unused waterfront land, which sit between the former railroad line and the marina and boardwalk. 

Councillor Christine Reavie, who also chairs the city's Planning & Development Committee, says there’s a lot of potential for an exciting space like a restaurant or other venue, without using all the greenspace.

"I'd like to see it as, we're going to improve on our greenspace", Reavie told Star 96.7.

"We're not looking to sell off, or even lease the entire space.  We have two unique packages (of land), and again, that is something we thought would be what developers would like:  for them to make the choice and use the space where they see their vision going".

As for what goes there, Mayor Michael LeMay says public consultation will be important before any final decisions are made.

"Of course, we're going to get community input as we go forward", LeMay said.

"We'll be as transparent as possible.  The important thing is, we know it's sitting there.  I'm sure that there are developers who probably have some great ideas to help grow the community and put something there", he added.

LeMay also notes that any new commercial development is important to increase Pembroke’s tax base, which in turn helps residential taxpayers too.

The city will now market the land for potential development, in order to start hearing serious suggestions.

The plan is for the city to keep owning the land, but lease it out to a developer if and when a plan is approved.