More Snowmobile Trails Open

It’s shaping up to be one of the best weekends yet this season on local snowmobile trails.   

Most groomed trails from Pembroke to Mattawa are now open, and thanks to our New Year’s snowfall, more opened on Wednesday morning between Pembroke and Barry’s Bay. 

Terry Veaudry of the Snow Country Snowmobile Region office, just outside Pembroke, says they expect to open even more in the next few days.

"It’ll improve once the groomers are able to get out there", Veaudry told Star 96.7.

"I think a lot of the trail around the Pembroke hub will open up this week once the groomers get rolling.  I would say probably through the park, down toward Haliburton, and down toward Bancroft will likely reopen”.

Veaudry says it’s important that riders stay on the marked trail system, as there are issues every year with snowmobilers trespassing on private property.

"Every year we have people going off trail, so it causes us some landowner issues at times", he said.

"Stay on the marked trail, observe the speed limit, and get out there and enjoy yourself", Veaudry said.

At this point, the Valley's trails are among the only trails open in the southern half of Ontario since many areas to the south haven't had much lasting snow this season.