New Mural For Pembroke Dedicated To Youth

Pembroke will be getting a new mural by this fall, but this one won’t have a heritage theme; instead, it will focus on youth.

The non-profit Ottawa Valley Creative Arts Open Studio is overseeing the construction of a new mural "mosaic", designed by and dedicated to youth.

The plan is to put it on one of the Family and Children's Services buildings - on either Mary Street or Isabella Street.

Project spokesperson Megan Spencer was delighted when Pembroke City Council told the group at a recent meeting that they fully support the project.

“They seemed very positive, engaged, interested, I’ve heard the word thrilled .. ecstastic .. excited - you know, not what I expected at all, it was amazing", Spencer said.

The call is now out for youth to help provide input for the design of the mural.

Anyone interested can attend the next in a series of workshops, at the Giant Tiger Community Room, on Monday, February 25th from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

A provincial grant is being used to build the mural and the arts group will be covering the cost of maintenance. 

It should be installed by September 1st.  

The group has already put a mosaic mural up inside the Salvation Army, and Spencer says it's all about giving youth in the area a new voice and spotlight.

"It's an acknowledgement of the vitality of our young people; the creativity and the capacity of engagement, that perhaps we're missing out on", Spencer added.

For more information on the mural project, you can visit: