New Pembroke Pool: City Council Takes First Step

Pembroke is officially kicking off a project that could lead to a new community swimming pool.   

City Council voted Tuesday night to commission a public survey to gauge the appetite for a new pool and recreation centre to replace the aging Kinsmen Pool.   

Mayor Michael LeMay says it’s not going to happen overnight but this is an important first step.

"We've got a starting point, but I think what we have to be careful about here is, we need to say, 'let's be patient, let's do this right'", LeMay told reporters at City Hall on Tuesday night.

"It's not a case of trying to build one in a year, or do away with one in a year, it takes time.  In the meantime, we can do all of the back work and say, where are grants available, where is the money, how do we do it, how do we pay for it", Mayor LeMay added.

The Survey Says ...

The first step:  hundreds of surveys will be sent not only around Pembroke but to residents of surrounding municipalities. 

Forum Research has been hired to perform the survey, at a cost of $28,729.  The City had already allocated up to $50,000 for the survey in its 2019 budget.

The results should be available in September, setting the stage for a formal plan and public meetings. 

The end result could be three to four years away.

However, most around the Council table welcomed the move, calling the survey and the kickoff of the process "long overdue".

A community kick-off day will be announced for the survey and the process in the near future.