New Year, New Wheels: Pembroke Welcomes New Custom Fire Truck

Pembroke’s fire department is taking its fleet to the next level. 

The department took delivery of a brand new custom built fire truck on Friday morning. 

The $590,000 truck replaces a 1992 vehicle, and provides better rollover protection and other modern features. 

"I'm proud to say that most of our equipment is back up to standard, and this truck does that for us", Herback told reporters at the Pembroke Fire Hall on Friday morning.

He added that the safety features on the new truck are key.

"As these trucks continue to get better and better, they're safer and safer for the firefighters.  This truck has rollover protection, air bags, and things like that, where the older trucks don't have that.  They're a lot safer for the firefighters, they're faster, they've got more powerful engines, the pumps are better, and we're carrying 800 gallons (of water) on all of our trucks", Herback added.

Deputy Mayor Ron Gervais was on hand for the unveiling this morning and called it another great step for the department and the people who work hard to protect the city.

He added that big purchases like this are possible because the city puts aside some money each year toward its ongoing fleet replacement .. a practice it's also using for its public works vehicles.

"Now we've extended that to the rest of public works", he said.

"It's a matter of budgeting in every year, putting some money into the reserves, so that you don't get hit with multi-million dollar purchases".

Firefighters will be training on the new truck next week, and the truck should be in service shortly after that.

As for the old 1992 truck, Herback says it's possible that it could be sold to an overseas fire department, as some of them don't have the same standards as departments here in Ontario.