No More Stopping Along Pembroke's Bell Street

One of Pembroke’s busier streets will no longer be only a "no parking zone" -- it’ll now be a "no stopping" zone too.

City council has agreed to make a “no stopping zone” along Bell Street, along the stretch in front of Fellowes High School and Champlain Discovery Public School.

The restriction will cover the entire section of Bell between O'Brien Street in the east, and Fraser Street in the west.

The request came from the OPP, who were concerned about the multiple vehicles stopping along the streetside to drop off and pick up students .. rather than pulling into the school lots where they’re supposed to.

Questions were raised about the safety of cyclists and pedestrians along the stretch, along with the impact on visibility in the area.

Initially, there were questions about whether a "no stopping" zone could create problems in the entryway to Fellowes High School, but Fellowes Principal Amy Johnson told the city there were no concerns.

No stopping signs will be installed once the ground thaws in the spring, and the stopping ban will take effect after that.