OCHU/CUPE Warns Local Hospital Could Lose 68 Staff With Ontario Public Service Efficiency Program

The Pembroke Regional Hospital stands to lose more beds and staff if the Ontario government’s spending plan is delivered on.

While in Pembroke this week releasing a report called "Hallway Medicine:It Can Be Fixed", Michael Hurley, President of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions and Canadian Union of Public Employees says the government won’t be putting an end to Hallway medicine but actually making worse…

“Here in Pembroke, up to 10 beds, plus the loss of seasonal flu beds and medical reactivation beds are possible.  Up to 68 staff would also be eliminated if the government met those spending targets.”

The projected numbers are based on Premier, Doug Ford’s, promised $7 billion tax plan, balanced budget commitment and a 4 per cent public service “efficiency” program.

Hurley says a recommendation by the report is for more of a focus to be put in expanding health care and increasing beds as we face a boom in our aging population.